· Parents should complete and sign the enrolment form and return it to us with the tuition fees payment enclosed


· Tuition fees are charged monthly. Full payment must be received for the first month’s tuition fees before the child’s place is confirmed in the class. Tuition fees other than the first month are due on the first school day of each following month in which your child is attending classes. Payment is based on four classes per month. For students who enrol partway through the month, parents may pay pro-rata for the remaining classes

· We charge a $50 administrative fee for each change you make to courses within the month or before your child’s first class

· Fees must be paid in full before students may attend classes. We reserve the right to refuse entry to students if fees have not been paid on or before the first day of each month


· When your requested class is full, we waitlist your child


· Course fee is non-refundable.

· We cannot, under any circumstances, give refunds for classes already paid for


· A maximum of one make-up class may be made per month, regardless of the reason for the make-ups

· We must be informed at least one day in advance and in writing of classes to be missed

· Classes missed without proper notice will not be made up later

· Make-ups are non-transferable, non-refundable, and need to be taken within 30 days from the date of absence, before last class upon withdrawal, and before end of the regular term. Make-up classes cannot be accumulated to offset the tuition fees for the following month

· We cannot guarantee that our make-up classes fit your child’s schedule, in which case the make-up will be forfeited after the 30-days expiration date. Make-up class need to be arranged in advance, space available is on a first come, first served basis.

· We cannot reschedule a missed or pre-arranged make-up class

· No make-up is allowed for any non-regular courses / holiday workshops, including summer workshops


· Scholars Academy is closed on all public holidays. If any of the four regular term classes in the month is unavailable due to a public holiday, this class may be made up anytime during the month. Please arrange with us in advance


· No refund, credit or make-ups will be granted due to enforced closures beyond our control, including but not limited to unsafe facilities, EDB or government or other mandatory announcements.

· We do not hold classes when the warnings for black rain or typhoon signal number 8 or higher have been raised. Parents will not be notified individually. We regret that we cannot arrange make-up classes for these enforced closures. When black rainstorm or T8 or above is hoisted, we will be closed 1 hour before hoist time. Classes will resume two hours after the warnings have been lifted.

Black rainstorm warning OR Typhoon signal number 8 or above

Warning / Signal is hoisted

All classes cancelled

Warning / Signal is lowered before 7:30am

Centre open at 9:30am

Warning / Signal is lowered before 12:00noon

Centre open at 2:00pm

If warning / signal is not lowered by 2:00pm

All classes cancelled

· In the event of school closure by EDB/ the government / other mandatory announcement /other acts of nature beyond our control, classes cancelled/disrupted will not be refunded or rescheduled. If under special     circumstances, we reserve the right to switch all face-to-face classroom courses to online. We use our discretion as to whether the classes will be carried on / cancelled / switch to online

· Parents are advised to check our website or Facebook for the latest arrangements


· To minimize the risk of infection, eating or drinking is prohibited inside the school premises.


· We reserve the right to dispose of or use any students’ work not collected within one month from the last class attended


· Parents may take photographs only of their own children, and not of other children in the class. This must not cause a distraction to teachers, other children, or interrupt the class format, and may not be used for commercial or financial gain. You must respect the proprietary nature of all the classes taught at Scholars Academy and not infringe on copyright, registration marks, and trademarks

· All content included on or accessible through our site and courses such as text, graphics, logos, names, images, audio clips, music, sounds, and other materials are our exclusive property and/or their relevant contributors which are protected by copyrights, and are subject to applicable laws and regulations. Unauthorized parties are prohibited from the material reproduction, adaption, distribution, dissemination or making available to the publics.


· We reserve the right to use photos, videos, and/or sound recordings of children and their work, performances, or classes, for teacher training, curriculum, and/or promotional purposes, unless otherwise informed by you in writing


· Should your child need to visit the toilet, our staff will escort your child to the toilet and remain in the public area outside the toilet entrance.

· You are advised to have a guardian near our centre to escort your child into the toilet to supervise your child fully


· Scholars Academy reserves the right to change the course teacher(s) for administrative reasons, and students cannot request a refund of the tuition paid or change to another course due to this. If the teacher(s) apply for leave, transfers, or resigns or being dismissed due to business, we cannot give any notice in advance


· Students are expected to arrive at class on time, as late arrival will affect other students in the same class. To avoid affecting students in the next class, the class will not be extended due to late arrival

· Parents/Caregivers must wait for pick-up students outside the centre on time. We are only responsible for your child during the lesson times. We are not responsible and cannot be held accountable for your child before or after the lesson in any way.


· We assume that your child will continue with classes from month to month unless you notify us otherwise in writing

· We require 14 days written notice prior to the date your child is leaving, or fees will be charged as usual


· All participants enrolled in activities at Scholars Academy do so at their own risk. The Company including its officers, employees and/or agents, are not responsible for any loss, damage, or injury to participants, their family members, caregivers, and guests as a result of participating in these activities.

· Scholars Academy shall not be liable for any failure to conduct the whole or any part of an online lesson resulting directly or indirectly from disruption of internet service, defective third-party hardware or software

· These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without prior written notice from Scholars Academy. It is the applicant’s responsibility to check on the terms & conditions of Scholars Academy from time to time.

· We retain the right of final decisions and interpretation in all matters and disputes in relation to this registration. We shall not be responsible or liable for any claims or liability resulting from any customer’s registration for any classes, events and/or workshops howsoever suffered or incurred.